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Top Famous Restaurants In Mekong Delta

Top Famous Restaurants In Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta in Vietnam attracts tourists because of not only natural lyrical beauty but also the sumptuous cuisine of this land. With the topic of culinary discovery, this article will present the top famous restaurants in Mekong Delta that cannot be ignored when traveling this area and wanting to enjoy the traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

L’Escale Restaurant

Known as the largest floating restaurant in Can Tho (Mekong Delta, Vietnam), L’Escale restaurant is an ideal place to relax and behold the immense Hau river and enjoy the essence of dishes of Mekong Delta. With three floors and luxury and splendor decoration, L’Escale restaurant not only attracts visitors traveling Can Tho but is considered as a proud symbol of tourism of the locals living in this land.

When the night comes, this cruise begins the journey to introduce the beauty of the immense river and beautiful melody of folk songs spreading in the atmosphere. Moreover, it is wonderful to behold the beautiful scenery in the sweet song while tasting the exquisite dishes.

Que Nha Restaurant

It is located in 28 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Ward 6, District. Known as one of the good restaurants for Ho Chi Minh City best food or good restaurants in Mekong Delta, Que Nha Restaurant becomes the destination for those who love or want to explore traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Its ancient and luxury space will bring visitors a trip of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, throughout thousands of years of history.

Hai Lua Restaurant

It is an ideal site for those who love the cuisine in Southern Vietnam. Hai Lua restaurant offers diverse specialties such as grilled snakehead fish, bamboo grilled fish, steamed chicken and many dishes made from fresh seafood. Uniquely, each dish is specially cooked by the chef so that it makes the dish more attractive and appealing. Moreover, this restaurant has spacious space, suitable for holding parties, meeting, birthday, etc.

Gao Restaurant (Rice restaurant)

If tourists want to find a place to specialize in a Vietnamese buffet that has a beautiful space, Gao restaurant is an exciting choice. It has a very Vietnamese space surrounded by warm light radiating from the lanterns. Moreover, the decoration of the dishes also brings the simplicity and peace of the countryside with dishes displayed on the banana leaves and earthenware pot and so on.

Its menu is rich in Vietnamese rice, and dishes such as fried rice, lotus rice, “com am Phu” – a dish cooked with many kinds of delicious rice which are rich in nutrients. Also, the menu is diverse with local specialties such as beef noodles, vermicelli noodles, barbecue noodles, etc. All make it attractive to both domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

Secret Garden Restaurant

Located in a small alley, Secret Garden is one of the famous restaurants in Mekong Delta with bold Southern-style, bringing a simple and rustic place in the bustling Ho Chi Minh City. Its menu is diverse with many bold South Vietnam styled dishes such as boiled vegetables with local sauce, sour soup, rolls or spring rolls, etc.

All dishes are made from the ingredients which are familiar but wholly delicious and fresh. Secret Garden Restaurant is sure to bring visitors an unforgettable experience.

It is noted that the order of restaurants shared above does not mention to their ranks. Hope that these restaurants in Mekong Delta recommended in this article will be helpful for travelers to find out somewhere to enjoy traditional Vietnamese cuisine. 

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