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Enjoy unique dishes in An Giang

Enjoy unique dishes in An Giang

Coming to Mekong Delta with Mekong tours Vietnam, you will enjoy a giant store of food verified by various materials, diversified ways of processing, characterized by strong characteristics of people in Mekong Delta.

The prosperous land of Mekong Delta brings a lot of fresh ingredients for making many delicious dishes. Each province has some specialties which will surely fascinate tourists’ flavor, in which we can not miss An Giang, a Mekong Delta province famous for unique foods.

1. Grilled "climbing" fish

Two branches of Mekong Delta have brought An Giang rich and abundant source of fish among which "climbing" fish are the most delicious ones with toned flesh and tasty crunch. "Climbing" fish are most available in August and September.

An Giang grilled "climbing" fish

An Giang grilled "climbing" fish

Locals have any way of cooking “climbing” fish; however, grilled fish is the most delicious. The fish after processed and soaked in saltwater will be seasoned with garlic, chili, pepper, and seasonings and grilled on embers. When grilling, people often spread cooking oil, salt, and chili many times until fish skin turns into brown.

Grilled “climbing” fish has famous aromatic, eaten with rice noodles or rice paper and some kinds of vegetables of spinach, cucumber, green banana, and starfruit, dotted in special sauce. Once savor, you will never forget its flavor.

2. Grilled "climbing" beef

In Tan Chau, An Giang province, there is a specialty with funny name of "climbing beef"

In Tan Chau, An Giang province, there is a specialty with funny name of "climbing beef." It is interesting that it does not mean the meat of a cow fed in the mountainous area. However, it has special flavor because it is seasoned with secret condiments. Looking at its setting, we can understand why it is called as "climbing beef."

At the centre of the table, there is a griller made of iron in mountain shape surrounded by a plate of beef marinated with spices, vegetables and herbs and soy sauce. First of all, a piece of pork fat and then butter put on the griller placing on ember. Pork fat, butter and beef grilled make an irresistible aroma. Especially, no matter how long beef is grilled, it still preserves perfect flavor: soft and tasty. Grilled beef will be wrapped by rice paper and served with some herbs, vegetables and green banana and special soy sauce.

3. Palmyra sweet soup 

Palmyra sweet soup

Palmyra sweet soup

Thanks to the popularity of Palmyra palm, An Giang people have made a variety of dishes from palmyra: palmyra sugar, palmyra cake, ice palmyra water, among which palmyra sweet soup is one of the most favored junk food in summer in An Giang in particular and Mekong Delta in general.

It is quite easy to cook palmyra sweet soup. People peel palmyra tree fruit to take its flesh. Then, they will cook palmyra sugar together with coconut milk until it becomes a thick mix. At last, they pour palmyra fruit’s flesh into this mix. It is more delicious to enjoy palmyra sweet soup with coconut jelly. Palmyra sweet soup has a natural sweet feeling which will bring diner great taste. The fatty flavor of coconut milk and the soft, aromatic and sweet taste of palmyra fruit’s flesh will absolutely satisfy even the most demanding diners.

If you have a chance to travel to An Giang, don't forget to try these dishes in the top famous Mekong Delta restaurants. For further information, don't hesitate to let us know. Please like and share the article with others if it is useful for you. Thank you.