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Amazing things to buy in Vietnam

Amazing things to buy in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with amazing places to see in Southeast Asia; therefore, all people want to spend time traveling in this pretty country. Besides wonderful destinations for traveling, Vietnam also attracted tourists by things to buy for a gift when traveling to the country. Therefore, the post will introduce the amazing things to buy in Vietnam

 Non La (Conical hat)

Non La is considered as a general expression for the background of the people of the country. Vietnamese women wear a hat on her head as a beautiful image of a gentle and romantic woman. Not just a symbolic gift, the hat also has a powerful function and is an indispensable item of the people of Vietnam.

The cone of the leaves is attached to the structure of the funnel, help covers the sunshine always promote its efficiency. The hat itself will also have many different categories by region, such as the hat of the Tay will have different colors when slightly tapered through ivory. Therefore, when visiting Vietnam, tourists can not miss out on the special thing.

Amazing things to buy in Vietnam

Ao Dai

If Non La is the travel symbol of Vietnam, Ao Dai is known as the Vietnamese feature. Since the 18th century, the ao dai has been honored to become the national dress of Vietnam. To this day, there are still 3 different types of ao dai.

Traditional long dresses with long sleeves are fitted to fit the body of the woman, with bold lines and lacing at the waist, creating a triangle just enough to show the skin of the wearer. Long dresses with short sleeves are shorter, just knee-high, making it easy to carry and suitable for many occasions.

Furthermore, long dresses are more formal than traditional long dresses with embroidered or handmade embellishments that enhance the elegance and splendor of the bride on the wedding day. In Vietnam, there are a lot of shops or the production base sells pure silk, made from 100% natural silk. This type of luxury and material is really very valuable and it is not difficult to realize it. There are many different silk materials in the Vietnam markets with prices ranging from cheap to extreme. No matter what, this is also considered a valuable gift when visitors come to Vietnam to find friends and relatives as gifts at home.

Hand Embroidery

Amazing things to buy in Vietnam

The skilled craftsmen of Vietnam are always a thing that makes foreign visitors feel admiration and respect. Hand-embroidered painting is an art form that has existed for a long time. Over time, the artisans have perfected themselves with the best skills to create the most elaborate and refined artwork. Hand embroidered sheets with hundreds of thousands of multi-colored embroidery stitches are sewn on a silk cloth and strung on precious wooden frames. Hand embroidery paintings are often inspired by nature, everyday life, or even the buyer's portrait.

Visitors taking Vietnam package tours can also place themselves a gift in which the content and ideas are transmitted by visitors to the artist. After a short period of about a week, customers can receive their souvenirs. Because of that, hand embroidery is not always cheap.

We hope that the post will help you have amazing and useful information for traveling in Vietnam and the best things for buying when traveling in Vietnam. If you need more information, you can contact or visit Vietnam Tour Booking to get more.