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​Amazing Phu Quoc fishing village

​Amazing Phu Quoc fishing village

Phu Quoc is known as the pearl island and famous for seafood in Vietnam, therefore, all most people choose the place for travelling and enjoy seafood as well as admire the beautiful beaches when taing Phu Quoc tours. It is the reason why the post will introduce amazing Phu Quoc fishing village to all travellers.

Ham Ninh fishing village

Ham Ninh fishing village is one of the best places to see Phu Quoc island. The village located on the coast of the East Island, behind the mountains and forests, in front of the immense sea. When the net water, sand beach immense run away, at the water, flooded the beach, into the jungle. The first impression when coming to this land is that you will admire Ham Ninh Mountain 300m high. Stone stacked stone, moss upstairs create a cloud of smoke between the green mountains and the sea of immense Phu Quoc.

Furthermore, afternoon on the Ham Ninh beach, you can watch the blue sea and the far away is the Hai Tac islands and Nghe island swept in the sea. If you come here, you do not forget to choose the Ham Ninh crabs which are famous fresh meat is fresh, bring salt to taste salt and enjoy the sea view Ham Ninh beautiful sunshine. Moreover, crabs in Ham Ninh are very famous and good taste as well as cheaper than in other places.

Ham Ninh fishing village

​Amazing Phu Quoc fishing village

Cua Can fishing village

Located in the north and far Duong Dong town about 14km and several km from Ong Lang beach, you can admire Cua Can fishing village. There are some wooden bridges which only allow pedestrians and motorcyclists to cross. Although the fishing village is small, it still has some places to provide refreshments and relax on the side of the road before heading to the secluded beaches in the north of the island. At the southern end of the village, there is also a gas station.

Furthermore, if you want to find more adventurous adventure, you should try convincing a native shipowner to take you to Cua Can River. This is one of the great ways to explore the daily life of the river-dwellers or watch the great fishing boats return after many days of off-shore fishing. At Cua Can village, there are some beautiful dunes which are isolated in the north of the village, you can see it from the coastal road going north to Ganh Dau and Long beach.

Ganh Dau fishing village

Ganh Dau, is a small village in Phu Quoc island, where you can find basic supplies along with gasoline, water, some food, and a barbershop. Moreover, when visiting Ganh Dau village, you will feel the simple lifestyle of the Phu Quoc people before or the scene of anchovies are sun-dried ready to put into the production of fish sauce, children playing around the village fishing boats anchored in the boat landing. In addition, visiting Ganh Dau fishing village, tourists will admire the Cambodian coast is only a few kilometres away.

Furthermore, Ganh Dau is home to some of the most peaceful beaches in Phu Quoc, and the beaches in the south are no longer closed to tourists as in the past few years during the Khmer Rouge war period. It was the location of 50,000 soldiers. There is a Wind Sea restaurant about 1 km from the fishing village and a nearby floating restaurant specializing in selling seafood at extremely cheap prices.

Rach Vem fishing village

Located in the north of the island, Rach Vem is the small island with 170 households mainly fishing. The fishing village located far Duong Dong 20km, so you can transfer to the place by car or motorbike. The scenery of the fishing village as a harmony of nature, the color of the sea, the color of the sky, cooler of the wind will make you extremely comfortable. The shipowner will take you to the beach by boat and after 5 minutes, you will stand at a fishing house on the beach.

Moreover, when standing on the bridge, you will have the chance to admire starfish through the clear water. When the famous beaches of Phu Quoc make you feel nothing new, Rach Vem will be the ideal place to meet friends, laughing happily in a scene too peaceful.

​Amazing Phu Quoc fishing village

Rach Tram fishing village

It is not easy to get to Rach Tram fishing village because it is difficult to find and difficult to travel. However, when you have come here, you can participate in activities exploring Rach Tram river, Ham Rong mountain beach with many interesting things.

However, when visiting the place, you will have the chance to admire and explore the wild beauty of Rach Tram river with On the other side is the white Melaleuca forests, both oyster and oyster trees, and on the other side are mangrove forest with reddish trees spreading on the deep green leafy flowers, red flowers emerging from the bunches of light green parrots and mangroves.

At the Bac Cuu, you turn one of the two branches of Rach Tram River to flow to the upstream, where the mangrove forests gradually turned into the cloud forest, rubble, and etc. Step oars to the minute Looking at the orchid, you see the mysterious male growing up with the nest and the fox beetles dangling on the old branches is the unforgettable experience when coming to Rach Tram fishing village.

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