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About Halong- Where is Halong Bay?

About Halong- Where is Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is one of attractive destination in Vietnam and considered as the “must-see” place when tourists visit. Therefore, the post will introduce important things about Halong- Where is Halong Bay? to all readers and travelers.

As you know each land has a different cultural space. Located in the North East of Vietnam, part of the West Bank of the Gulf of Tonkin, the space of Halong Bay in addition to the beauty of nature, also hide the beauty of legend.

1 Time for traveling

Located in the north of Vietnam, Halong also has 4 seasons in a year including spring, winter, autumn, and summer. Although tourists can visit Halong Bay anytime in the year, from April to October is considered as the best time for traveling to Halong because the weather at the time is quite cool and comfortable. Even so, you can come here in the winter months of December, January, and February.

About Halong- Where is Halong Bay?

Weather may be cold and cloudy, sometimes rainy. In the summer, there are many tourists come here to relax and visit, but sometimes in this place, more people will be interesting than deserted. However, during the summer months from May to October, temperatures rise and you may experience storms during the rainy season.

2 Places for traveling

When traveling to Ha Long Bay, visitors can take a cruise for sightseeing. Tourist can look out over the beautiful islands on the bay, and the floating houses of the fishermen on the Bay. Furthermore, along the coast of Halong Bay is a popular resort called Bai Chay. Guests can relax and bathe here. If tourists enjoy the tranquility and tranquility, it is possible to take a boat to Co To Island and enjoy the beautiful coral reefs. Besides, tourists can not miss out Tuan Chau island which is known as the most famous island in the north and the most beautiful island in 1.969 islands in Halong Bay. Moreover, the island is also the only island inhabited. Beach and water games such as beach volleyball, soccer, surfing, canoeing, and high-speed water slides will bring you a healthy, exciting and impressive holiday. In particular, visitors also have the chance to admire and enjoy the food in the Vietnamese cuisine garden, built in a unique style, generates architectural imperial Vietnam 17th and 18th century.

Moreover, Halong has a large cave system, each cave has its own beauty and the stories attached to it. Therefore, when visiting the bay, tourists can not miss out famous and imposing caves in there. You can choose to visit Luon cave located on the island of Bo Hon, 14 km from Bai Chay to see the stalactites were built in millions of years with a variety of shapes and sizes.

In addition, if you want to go to worship the temple, visitors can visit Yen Tu. This is a system of pagodas, towers, and forests of ancient trees in harmony with natural scenery. Yen Tu's beauty is the greatness of the mountain with the ancient features of the tower.

3 Transfer to Halong

About Halong- Where is Halong Bay?

Halong City located far Hanoi 170km, so you can easy to catch the bus from My Dinh station in Hanoi with 3-4hours for transferring. Besides that, you also enjoy seaplane to transfer from Hanoi to Halong but the price of the seaplane is quite expensive about USD$270/pax. Airplanes have 2 seats for pilots, 12 seats for passengers and spacious windows, not only help you save time traveling, but also help you to enjoy the beautiful view from the plane, also it records the memorable moments of Halong Bay from 150 to 3,000 meters above sea level.

Hope that after the post tourists will have useful and amazing information for traveling in Halong Bay. If you need more information for traveling to the Bay, you can visit Vietnam Tour Booking to get more.