Mieu Noi is known as the beautiful and attractive temple in Ho Chi Minh City. Mieu Noi was built on a small island of 2.500 m2 in the middle of Vam Thuat River. It was called Mieu Noi (floating temple) due to its special terrain location. Tourists wishing to visit the temple will have to travel by boat.

Built sometime around the 18th century, Phu Chau Mieu was left to fall into disrepair after 1975, and it was not until the early 1990s that the restoration efforts began. Therefore, there are a lot of tourists choosing the place to visit when they have the chance to visit HCMC. 

Phu Chau floating temple

The shrine is associated with the legend of a fisherman who has been able to capture the statue of Mrs. Thuy Te when fishing. After that, people set up shrines to worship. In addition to worshiping the statue of Mrs. Thuy Te, the temple also worshiped Buddha, the Holy Mother, the Great Saint Gia Gia ...