Ban Y Linh Ho is known by many tourists because of the extremely wild and poetic beauty. The village is covered by Hoang Lien Son mountain range, outside the mountain. Furthermore, the village also has streams, terraced fields, corn fields. Inside the houses are houses made of primitive and simple bamboo.

Y Linh Ho

From Sapa town, if you want to reach Y Linh Ho village, you follow the direction of Lao Chai village, go to Lao Chai village for about 3km at the foot of the slope. Mountains, surrounded by beautiful terraced fields have existed for a long time.

Visitors to visit the tourist destination in Sapa - the Italian Spirit Lake will be surprised by the peaceful beauty of the place. The atmosphere in the village is very quiet, noiseless, bustling like tourist places inside Sapa town. To Y Linh Ho village, tourism is also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the daily life of the Mong - Dao people living inside the western village.

Y Linh Ho

Ban Y Linh Ho consists of many small population groups living scattered on the slopes. Bamboo and bamboo houses built by the Mong and Dao people near terraced fields, corn fields, sweet potatoes where they grow and live.

The name of Y Linh Ho of the village also has a great meaning. According to the elderly elders in the village, the name of Y Linh Ho was placed under the name of the first man who set up the village.

Sometime later, the Dao in Y Linh Ho started to move away and the Mong people arrived in the village but the name of Y Linh Ho was still named by the village, to commemorate the person who built the village today. The location of the Y Linh Hồ village is now expanded more than before but still far from the main road. Therefore, tourists participating in tours Sapa visit the village of Linh Linh must pass a long and winding road to reach the village. But also because the location is far from the main road, the village is quiet and peaceful.