Tuan Chau international tourist and entertainment area - a luxurious and busy tourist destination created by people on the edge of the Heritage, World Natural Wonders of Halong Bay. With 20 years of construction and development investment, including many world-class tourism products and services, Tuan Chau Group has changed the poor and pristine island into "pearl island" like today. In this modern tourist space, the system of yacht port is a prominent highlight, adorning and honoring the value of Tuan Chau International Tourism Area as well as the Halong Bay World Wonder.

Tuan Chau Harbor

Located between the two banks of the urban area to the south of Tuan Chau Island is Tuan Chau Port 1. The port is built in a modern and large scale in the style of European ports. The port was put into operation in 2009 and has a berth length of 2,000m, so the capacity to receive more than 200 large and small vessels to enter and exit. The port center is a system of terminals, waiting rooms, operating areas with luxurious layout space of more than 8,000m2, arranged with more than 1,000 seats and can simultaneously receive about 3,000 guests waiting for procedures to get off the ship when visiting Halong Bay.

In addition, at the station, there is a supermarket system, restaurants along with free services for tourists such as traditional music and dance; water Puppet; public health station; WIFI; Children's play area; High-class sanitation area and so on. Along with the center of passenger support, digitalization of professional methods, the system of access roads around the port and 100 security cameras monitoring the port to create professional, expressing the way of making civilized and modern tourism. Since then, there is no theft, street vendors, guests dragging, friendly staff attitude, and dedicated customer service.

Tuan Chau Harbor

Around the port, there are high-class urban areas, wharf parks with airplanes, Tuan Chau Harbor-Cat Ba wharf, international entertainment area, beaches, and resorts.