Hospital Cave is an interesting and impressive tourist destination in Cat Ba. It has a special meaning, once a field hospital during the American imperial war and now a historical site. 

The cave is located on the road to Cat Ba National Park, on Cat Ba island, Hai Phong Province. It is about 13 km from the center of Cat Ba town. 

The entrance to Hospital cave is a simple wooden ladder. Right at the entrance to the cave, visitors will see a solid iron door which is made to prevent bullets and shrapnel.

The Hospital Cave

The Hospital Cave

Behind the solid door, there is a key and four additional posts that lead to the entrance to the cave. Entering the cave, you will be overwhelmed by the magnificent field of the old army hospital.

The cave is very dark that the light is only enough for walking. When looking into the cave, with the size and method of design, visitors often imagine that it is a hospital serving the war period, not a cave inside the mountain.

The Hospital Cave, also known as the Military Medical Hospital, is nearly 2000m2 wide with three separate floors, including 17 large and small rooms and some function rooms. 

The design here consists of the first floor, where there are 14 function rooms. The second floor is the film capture and physical examination area. And the third floor is the lobby, the guard room, and the officer room.

The Hospital Cave

The Hospital Cave

The path leading to the second floor is very difficult to design. It is not easy to move on purpose to make it difficult for the enemy when they attack. If the enemy attacks, the person on the 3rd floor can jump into the water tank on the 2nd floor and rush to the emergency exit and exit by the side entrance.

Also, the third-floor area has a stairway tunnel for emergency exit. The end of the tunnel is two massive iron doors against the enemy.