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Besides where to see, what to eat or what to do, health is one of the most important matter you take care of when planning for a holiday. So which medicines you should bring to ensure your health in strange destinations.

Vietnam travel tips

1. The type of analgesic, antipyretic

Paracetamol for kids

Paracetamol for kid

When going away, especially there are children in group, these medicines are very necessary. Safe and common drug today is Paracetamol such as Acemol, Efferalgan, Panadol ... Preparing the suitable drug for each object, eg powdered drug packet or tablet of 80-150 mg for children weighing 5-10 kg, 325 mg for older children weighing around 25-30 kg, 500 mg for children over 30 kg and adults ... It is used 4-6 times per day for at least 4 hours apart.

2. Drugs are used for food poisoning, digestive disorders, diarrhea or vomiting

Berberine can be relatively safe in both adults and children. Besides, you should prepare a bottle of activated carbon (Carbogastryl, Carbophos ...) for anti-bloating, and some probiotic packets (L-Bio, Lacteolfort, Biofidine ...).

For drugs against diarrhea or vomiting, you should not arbitrarily use, especially for children. For people getting carsick should prepare drugs such as Nautamin or Stugeron.

3. Drugs of allergy, rash, pruritus

For children, you should prepare siro Phenergan or conventional anti-allergenic drugs like Polaramin, Chlopheniramin. Adults can use the new anti-allergenic drugs such as Histalong, Cetirizine ... You usually just take one tablet a day and it does not cause drowsiness.

4. The type of cotton, gauze, disinfectant solutions such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, tincture of iodine

In case of falls, scrapes, these things will be more helpful. 


In short, preparing drugs when traveling is very important , and of course, for those with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular ... the drugs are a not-missing part of the trip, even more important than food and other belongings.

Also you need to bring some medicines such as

- Sunscreen, lip crack resistance lotion, anti-allergic ... (depending on destination)

- Anti-insect cream (depending destination)

- Skin antiallergenic cream

- Vitamins

- Anti-car / aircraft / ships sickness