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Located in the West Bank of the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, Halong Bay (Quang Ninh province) with thousands of spectacular islands and stupendous landscapes, is one of the highlights attracting a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists annually. “How to transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay” is always an issue that is not too easy to solve. Thanks to the technology development, there are many choices to meet the needs of all travelers to transferring between two famous tourist destinations.

In Vietnam, Hanoi - Halong is one of the most popular tourist routes because Hanoi is the only big tourist place located near Halong Bay. Therefore, it is convenient for travelers to allocate time and balance their itinerary in the most appropriate way. It also is possible to take advantage of this distance to enjoy a short trip. For referring, this article will present some means of transportation for this route:


It is considered as the cheapest way to transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay. Traveling by coach is a unique way to experience the local culture. However, it may be difficult to fully understand the customs of Vietnamese passenger cars or exchanging information with the drivers for foreigners. Besides, in the case passenger cars crash or miss the station, foreign travelers will probably get lost the way. Therefore, it is not the ideal choice for travelers who take an only one-day trip. Moreover, the journey will not be complete because travelers must depart early. For those who have time to explore more about the local culture, there is nothing to hesitate to choose this vehicle.

Tourist bus

Traveling by tourist bus, travelers will get more convenient than traveling by coach. These buses are owned by the travel company. Shuttle car is usually accompanied in tours for passengers to help tourists travel easily and save time by choosing the mean of transport. Like the coach, tourist bus takes 4 hours to transfer from Hanoi to Halong bay, therefore, if visitors take the one-day trip in Halong, make sure that the trip begins before 8 AM to ensure tourists have enough time to admire Ha Long Bay before returning to Hanoi. If the trip lasts for few days, a tourist bus is a saving and flexible option.


The seaplane is a luxury airborne vehicle with a reasonable price that is worth to try. It just takes 45 minutes to travel from Hanoi to Halong bay by this vehicle. That saves more time than other vehicles so travelers can enjoy more beautiful Halong landscapes. Although it is more expensive than the other means, the cost of the seaplane is much lower than the helicopter and not too high when compared to renting a car.


It is not an option for most travelers, but for those who prefer thrills, motorcycles can be a good option for them. However, just like a car or a coach, traveling from Hanoi to Halong by motorbike will take about four hours and can leave travelers feeling tired throughout the journey. For amateur drivers, traveling by motorbike on this route is very dangerous, therefore, make sure you understand the route and be ready to cope with the risks before departure.