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In the past, to be able to admire the red maple leaves in autumn sky, tourists must travel with the distant journey to temperate countries such as Canada, Japan, the United States, but today, those who love the maple leaf season just made a short tour of Da Lat will be seen the unique maple leaf forests in Vietnam.

Attracted by the red maple forest in Da Lat
Journey to discover maple forest starts from Tuyen Lam lake, Da Lat (Lam Dong). This is the largest natural freshwater lake in "flower city" with an area of 350ha, located in the south of the city far away the center of Da Lat city about 6km.
To the maple forest, it took us about 1 hour to paddle a rubber boat on than 1 km of the river. The atmosphere on Tuyen Lam lake is cool, and fresh with blue sky; ancient pine trees reflecting water creates a romantic scenery; mansions loom under the trees ...

Paddle rubber boat on river
Persimmons with ripe fruits and lush fields of strawberry on the island to serve the travel needs mark the begin of our journey to the maple forest ... It only takes about 3 -4 hours or longer depending on the need, you can satisfy your excitement and curiosity when explore the large and unique maple forest of Da Lat city.
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