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Now day, besides cruises you can see magnificent beauty of the World's Heritage Site - Halong bay by seaplanes.


                                                                                                  Seaplane on Halong Bay
A seaplane tour only has maximum of 12 visitors and 2 pilots so that visitors get the most beautiful views on Halong Bay. As the plane glides slowly into the ocean then flying up sky, visitors will feel very exciting because of new experiences which can not be found in other flights
Pilots glider many rounds to tourists collect all the beautiful scenery in sight. From the seaplane looking down, the whole bay with nearly 2,000 islands appear vividly and dreamily. The blue water surrounding islands draws a water-color painting as in the fairy scene. Flight range is not high, so you check-in freely by your smartphone to keep the wonderful time on Halong bay.

Green water in halong

                                                                                             Water on Halong Bay from Seaplane

islands on halong bay

                                                                                                                  Islands on Halong Bay
Today, in Vietnam, Hai Au Aviation company is the first private airline providing seaplanes with luxury sightseeing services. This type of business has grown significantly over the world but it is quite new in Vietnam. To have 25 minutes of sightseeing by seaplane, you have to pay from USD$100 to USD$500 depending on your itinerary.
Nearly half an hour "floating" on sky of Halong Bay, with what you saw and experienced, you will understand why Halong Bay is listed as the world's natural wonder. Let's come and feel with Halong Bay tours as soon as!