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Cambodia is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia with an epic history movingly inscribed in its ancient temples and modern war memorials. Cambodia tours gladly offer the chances for tourists to explore this glorious history and embrace the fascinating culture of this pearl of Southeast Asia. Being the most populous tourist site of the country, the UNESCO-listed World Heritage site of Angkor is the largest religious structure in the world which stands testament to the power of the ancient Khmer empire. Angkor Wat is the most famous temple that was forgotten the centuries in the deep forest, now it becomes the symbol of the country representing for the highly sophisticated carved level of Cambodian people. Besides that, there are many meaningful places in this country that Cambodia tours promise to lead you to such as the Silver Pagoda, the killing fields of Cheoung Ek, etc, and explore the culture of Khmer people like the traditional Cambodian Apsara dance.